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"NBBL broadens your paid audience without cannibalizing current subscriptions.  Consumers build credit towards subscriptions when they "NBBL" your content."

Geoffrey Cairns, CEO

Put a window in your paywall.

Paywalls suck.  They don't work, and consumers hate them. NBBL is a PayWindow™. It reaches an untapped paid audience 

  • Improve your consumer experience by enabling instant (paid) reading gratification versus paywall frustration.

  • Use dynamic pricing and purchase credit to give consumers a paid pathway to full subscription options. 

  • Protects existing subscription price points and subscriber base


Lightning fast, lowest cost settlement for publishers

NBBL uses network magic to enable an alternative, instant, lowest-cost settlement path for publishers.

  • Publishers retain up to 99% of all micropayment revenue generated by NBBLers 


Turn subscribers into your best promoters

Every time anyone posts one of your content links anywhere (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, iMessage, etc..), you get a chance to upsell that reader, and they get rewards for sharing

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Image by Valery Tenevoy

Journalism Matters

Society will always have problems to solve. No matter the issue, be it access to healthcare, climate change, income inequality, or war, our collective success in finding solutions is predicated on our ability to trust and share facts. Of course, this is the remit of journalism, and the health of any democracy depends on it.

Unfortunately, the health of journalism, and by extension, our public discourse, has suffered greatly through the evolution of the internet. Major technology platforms and content aggregators have driven a wedge in-between content creation and distribution. This has dramatically undermined the financial health of publishers and driven people into toxic echo chambers.

Fortunately, technology continues to evolve. We are now at the point where the underlying economics make it possible to rethink paid access and advertising strategies. However, the industry continues to rely on a merchandising model centered around a one size fits all paywall. 

Not everyone wants a subscription when they hit a paywall, at least not initially. They want a specific piece of content. Consumers want an Uber fare, and publishers pitch a monthly car lease payment. This isn't a criticism but a natural outcome of current payment transaction processing costs and limited paywall functionality.   

If the industry can remove these impediments alongside a clever pricing strategy, it would put a huge community of readers on a paid path to full subscriptions without cannibalizing existing subscriber bases and put publishers on a track to gain power back in advertising. 


"Freedom of the press belongs to those who own one."

A. J. Liebling. American journalist


There is no such thing as free content. Someone is always paying the bill and, more often than not, with some agenda attached. This could start to change when "everyone" pays a little something directly and if more revenue and profit fall back to a publisher's bottom line. It will breathe life into smaller publications and generate more diverse and civil discourse.    

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Content à la carte.

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